Weighing Your Options: Selling ‘As-Is’ vs. Resolving Tenant Disputes

When you’re looking to sell a property with existing tenant disputes, deciding whether to resolve the issues or sell ‘as-is’ is a critical choice. Both options have their advantages and potential drawbacks, and understanding them fully is crucial for a successful sale.
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Understanding ‘As-Is’ Sales

Selling a property ‘as-is’ means you are selling the home in its current state, without making any repairs or resolving any ongoing tenant disputes. This option can be appealing for sellers looking for a quick sale or those who do not have the financial means to fix the property.

The Pros of Selling ‘As-Is’

Speed: ‘As-is’ sales are typically quicker, appealing to buyers looking for a faster transaction.

No Repair Costs: You won’t need to invest in fixing the property or resolving tenant disputes.

Simplicity: The sale process is often simpler, with fewer negotiations over property condition.

Navigating Tenant Disputes Before Sale

On the other hand, choosing to resolve tenant disputes before selling can lead to a smoother sale and potentially a higher selling price. Addressing issues head-on shows responsibility and can make the property more appealing to potential buyers.

The Benefits of Resolving Issues Prior to Sale

Higher Property Value: A property free of tenant disputes is more attractive to buyers, potentially increasing its market value.

Broader Buyer Pool: Buyers are often deterred by existing tenant issues; resolving them broadens your potential buyer pool.

Reduced Negotiation Points: Buyers have fewer points to negotiate on, which can lead to a better final sale price.

Making an Informed Decision

Consider the nature of the tenant disputes, the cost of resolution, and the potential impact on the sale price. Evaluate your financial situation and timeline for selling to determine the best course of action.

Seeking Professional Advice

Consulting with real estate professionals and legal advisors can provide valuable insights and help guide your decision. They can assess the situation, provide legal guidance, and support you through the sale process.


Whether you choose to sell ‘as-is’ or resolve tenant disputes before the sale depends on your unique situation, financial capacity, and sale timeline. By understanding the benefits and potential challenges of each option, and seeking professional advice, you can make an informed decision and navigate the sale process with confidence.

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